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Why make a donation ?

The daily costs of the community are mainly covered thanks to our economical activities, but we are not earning enouht yet to be 100% self-sufficient. We need your help aswell : 

  • Cover financially cover our companions in their daily life.
  • To ensure access to quality health care for our companions.
  • To develop our activities and to set up new projects toward young adults facing urgent problems.

Donation or sponsorship ? 

You can choose to help us with a donation or to sponsor us on a long term perspective by giving a certain amount of money every months.

How to make a donation ? 

  • To make a donation online click http://association-freres.donnerenligne.fr/ (link to a secure website, HelloAsso)
  • Make a money transfer or a bank check (Order “Association Frères”), by filling out the document ( bulletin don 2017 ) and sending it to : Association Frères, Maison des associations, 4 rue des arènes, 75005 Paris.

Tax advantages : 

If you pay your taxes in France, any donation made gives you the right to a tax reduction of 66% of the total amont of your donation, limited to 20% of the total amount of your taxes.

If you are giving…

Your donation costs (after tax reduction)

50 euros

17 euros

100 euros

34 euros

500 euros

170 euros

1000 euros

340 euros

You will receive a tax receipt during the first semester of the year following your donation.

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