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Little by little, we have hired professionals in our team in order to support the social aspect of our work. The idea is aid companions to get back on their feet and to build their future on solid foundations.

A social worker is employed full time. Her job is to be available to listen to companions needs and to help them find solutions to resolve their difficulties.  She is coordinating the follow up of every companion to make our work relevant on the long term : personal and professional orientation, medical follow up and psychological treatment.

We are also collaborating with a psychologist. Companions have the possibility to meet with her every weeks if they wish so.

Quality psychatric support is provided to some of our companions which are facing mental disabilities. Most often, companions arriving in our community have not had access to correct health care before. This can be particularly serious when concerning mental disabilities. It ‘s why we are financing short stays in a private clinic in order to help them find the correct treatment that will makes their every day life easier.

Therapeutical workshops : Every month, we offer to certain of our companions leave for a week in a small house, not far from Satu Mare, in order to try different types of activities and work within a smaller group than usual (3 members of the staff and 3 companions).The idea is to work together in a more intimate environment and to give the opportunity to the companions to try something else : Gardening, jewelry making, woodwork, painting, sports, photography, writing workshops…

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