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Inclusion through work is at the heart of our project. Every person welcomed in our community is given a job in our social enterprise, depending on their capacities. Our social enterprise is an excellent tool in order to work on professional integration, but is also the main source of income which permits us to continue our activities.

During the year of 2017 we have been one of the first firms in Romania that has obtained the status of Social Integration Enterprise. 

Our economical activities take place in Satu Mare on different sites :

Two second hand shops (Emmaüs shops) where we are selling furniture, sofas, bric à brac, toys and clothes.

A terrace for our customers and visitors. During summer time, a café and a fastfood are opened every afternoons and every night. We are also organizing events : Concerts, Salsa courses, movies, football matches…

It is thanks to the support of communities from France, England, Germany, Switzerland, and Finland that our shops are working. The majority of what we sell is coming from trucks that are sent by our partners every years to help us.  In Satu Mare we are also working hard in order to develop the local recuperation of goods and are encouraging people to donate objects they don’t need anymore.

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