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Leave your heritage to provide a sustainable future for young adults facing difficulties.

Since 2002, the association is allowed to collect legacies and donations through the Fund called : Fond pour l’insertion des jeunes en Roumanie.

It is possible to leave by testament your property, in whole or in part, after your death or the one of your surviving spouse.

To choose to leave your heritage to our fund permits you to give a deep meaning to the estate that you have built day after day, by giving us the opportunity to help young adults who are in trouble.

It is possible to give :

  • Property: apartments, houses, fields, farms,  commercial premises, vacant or occupied…
  • Movable assets : furnitures, pieces of art, jewellery, amounts of money, banking assets, portfolios of stocks or bonds…

For further information about legacies and donations, you can reach Jean-Philippe Légaut on his phone at this number : 06 59 29 62 39, or by e-mail :  jp.legaut@associationfreres.fr 

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