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We are welcoming 21 young adults which are between 18 and 30 years old. Most of them are orphans, without any kind of familial, financial or material support. Some of the young adults have disabilities, are victims of human trafficking or have spent years living on the streets. Others have left the child welfare institution once attaining the age of 18, without any professional skills, nowhere to go and are not prepared for living by them-self. They are then very vulnerable to any kind of exploitation (prostitution, domestic slavery), criminality or insecure migration to western Europe.

Our goal is to bring the young adults support in order to help them to find their place in the society. Our program focuses on two different aspects :

Social inclusion : The young adults are welcomed into a big community house, where they learn how to become independent (cooking common meals, cleaning up, shopping budget…). They receive appropriate health care and have the possibility to be treated by a psychologist.

Professional integration : The very heart of our association is inclusion through work. When arriving in the community, everyone is given a job in our social enterprise (shops, café….) where he or she learns how to behave professionally in a workplace, gains self-confidence and has access to training in order to be able to find a job by independently in the future.  

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